Since 1971

"Diving The U550 and The Pan penn In Our Backyard"

Joe Mazraani, Jen Sellitti and Joseph St.Amand

Tuesday, September 22nd
7:00 PM on Zoom (link to be sent to members)

D/V Tenacious is a N.J. based dive vessel that locates, dives and salvages shipwrecks in the North Atlantic. Tenacious and her crew have discovered numerous wrecks in the waters off the coast of N.Y and N.J.. The most celebrated find is the U-550, the last german U - boat known to rest in diveable North Atlantic waters. The vessel is owned by Atlantic Wreck Salvage, operated by Joe Mazraani and Jennifer Sellitti and with the help of Joseph St.Amand they have been chronicled in the books "Where Divers Dare, "The Hunt For The Last U-Boat" and have been published  in many dive publications worldwide.

In 1941, German U-boat 550 and the SS Pan Pennsylvania, the largest oil tanker in the world at the time, fought a battle more than 100 miles off of Montauk. Neither ship survived. For years, shipwreck hunters have been looking for the U-550. In 2012, Joe Mazraani, Joseph St.Amand and the crew of the D/V Tenacious discovered both the U-550 and Pan Pennsylvania's massive stern resting in about 300 feet of water. Since then, the crew of the Tenacious have been diving, documenting and exploring both shipwrecks and every dive reveals another piece of history. Through firsthand accounts, historical research/documents and information gathered from the shipwrecks, Joe Mazraani, Jennifer Sellitti and Joseph St.Amand tell the story of the battle and will give an overview of the 2020 Pan Penn and U-550 expedition while sharing dive footage, photos and sonar images of both wrecks as they tell their story.

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