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Dive cost: None aside from a tip to the DM if you choose the inlet dive. You'll arrange and pay for your own equipment and/or tanks with the 
Divers Two shop , less than one mile away. Note: A dive flag on a float is required (a $10 rental).

Hotel cost: We'll provide a list of options and put you in touch with others who prefer a hotel or Airbnb apt/house.

Camping cost: $48.30/tent for the entire weekend. We'll divide up the cost of firewood provided onsite. You supply your own tent and other camping equipment along with food.

All divers must read and accept the club diving requirements, and have a 2019 liability waiver and a copy of their certificate card on file as a PDF with the Membership Secretary.

Join the NYC Sea Gypsies for a dream of a dive weekend at the Jersey Shore or just come down for the day! Advanced sign-up is required. Diving is on September 14-15, 2019.


In September, warm water comes north resulting in tropical fish visiting Belmar, NJ and temperatures averaging 72-75F. In addition, divers often see crabs, sea robins, flounder, sea stars, and mussels as well as the occasional oyster toadfish, eel, and pipefish. This time of year, what wood remains is overgrown with many colors of sponge, anemones, and algae in red, pink, orange, green, brown, and purple. However, one of the biggest draws to the area is the resident seahorse population. (See the slideshow at the bottom of this page. Other divers have seen up to 10 seahorses on a single dive!)

You're welcome to join us on Saturday and/or Sunday. We'll be offering dive options for both beginners and more advanced divers on both days with your choice of shore dive:

Belmar Back Bay at Maclearie Park: This is a beginner friendly dive with a max depth of 15-20 ft. However, even the more advanced folks will enjoy this dive and also find plenty of to photograph with all the interesting marine life during this time of year.

Shark River Inlet: Though only up to 30 ft deep, this is a more advanced dive due to the currents, boat traffic, and fishing entanglements along with a more difficult entry across slippery rocks.

The local dive shop,
Divers Two is less than one mile away so it's easy to pick up your tanks and/or any equipment from them. Note: A dive flag on a float (a $10 rental) is required for every diver.

Note: The NYC Sea Gypsies do not vet divers; we are not in a position to decide about the suitability of any dive for any diver. It is your responsibility to decide whether you have the training and experience for any particular dive.


If you'll be joining us for the weekend instead of just a day, you're welcome to stay at one of the local hotels or an Airbnb. (We'll provide a list of options and put you in touch with others who have RSVP'd and prefer a hotel/Airbnb.) However, the jewel of the area is the secluded camping in 130 acres of woods on a private horse farm. Each camp site holds up to five tents and has a fire pit with wood stumps around it for chairs along with a food locker. The farm also has the perfect set-up for divers with a place to rinse and secure dive equipment as well as bathrooms, showers, and potable water on the premises. We'll divide up the cost of firewood which they provide onsite for a small fee. They also offer a goat farm, horseback riding, archery, a pool, and hiking. You supply your own tent and other camping equipment along with food. Everyone will be cooking their own meals.

There are only 15 camping spots available so RSVP now.


As a group, we'll decide which activities we want to do choosing among the highlights of the area: The
NJ Shipwreck History Museum, InfoAge Science & History Center, beach and boardwalk, a lighthouse tour, drinks at a distillery, hiking in the 130-acre woods of the horse farm, and/or horseback riding.

For any questions, contact the host, Beth McCrea (


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