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Robert Wianecki: Artifacts, Windows into the Past

\When: Tuesday, February 27, 2024 @ 6pm
Where: The Brazen Tavern
356 w. 44th St. NYC (Upstairs)

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Join Rob Wianecki, a local attorney and avid shipwreck diver, as he takes us on an underwater journey through time. His passion for exploration began in 7th grade with a book report on the legendary Andrea Doria. Ever since, he's been hooked, having logged dives in the Bahamas to the iconic Doria itself. Nowadays, you can find him crewing on the Ol’ Salty dive boat in New Jersey.

In this event, Rob will bring real artifacts from Oregon to provide a different way of researching, locating and recovering artifacts! Oregon is a Scottish ship liner that sank in 1886 after colliding with a schooner. Rob will share stories about the thrill of discovery, the recovery of various artifacts that provide windows into the past, and the meticulous preservation of history. You might just be surprised by what lies beneath the waves!