At the time of the publication of this dive schedule, there are a lot of unknowns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and it's potential effect on the 2021 dive season. During 2020, a number of accommodations and changes were made to our usual diving practices. It is far too early to predict what the vaccines and the new variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus will have on our 2021 season, but we are planning on doing local diving. The Sea Gypsies board of directors will of course continue to respond to relevant state and federal guidelines.

Until the risk of COVID-19 becomes negligible, the decision to do boat diving this season is again going to be a personal one based on your own risk factors and immune status. All of us - especially those with underlying health issues - will continue to have to make hard decisions. If you have concerns, especially if you are at significantly increased risk, you shouldn’t do a charter boat dive. Certainly anyone who feels that they might be currently sick should not be around anyone else before being evaluated by their physician.

The Sea Gypsies will not try to independently assess these endless and largely unknown factors. Rather, we will follow state and federal guidelines, which are based on a wide range of data, such as population-wide antibody screening, hospitalization rates, and PCR testing results. And of course the captains have the final say on the implementation of these guidelines on their dive boats - contact them directly if you have any concerns.

Michael Rothschild
Dive Chair
NYC Sea Gypsies

2021 Local Dive Boat Charters

Sat, May 15Indy II Stolt Dagali (60-130'), 10 spots @ $125[SOLD OUT]Bill AhrensAOW RGS, SMB, Reel, ASD
Sat, May 29Gypsy Blood Asfalto (95'), 8 spots at $110 [SOLD OUT]Daryl Goldberg AOWRGS, SMB, Reel
Sat, Jun 12Indy II Stolt Dagali (60-130'), 10 spots @ $125 [SOLD OUT]Bryan MitchenerAOW RGS, SMB, Reel, ASD
Sat, Jun 19Sea TurtleU853 (110-130'), 6 spots @ $160 [SOLD OUT]Elliot BertoniAOW RGS, SMB, Reel, ASD
Sun, Jun 20HalftimeOregon (125'), 6 spots @ $170 [SOLD OUT]Robert WianeckiAOW RGS, SMB, Reel
Sat, Jul 10Gypsy BloodIntro to NE Diving - McGurr Tug (75'), PM dive, with a mentor assigned to each less experienced northeast diver. 16 spots @ $75 [SOLD OUT]Elliot BertoniOW**RGS, SMB, Reel
Sun, Jul 18HalftimeInshore Reef Tugs (60'), PM dive, good for less experienced northeast divers, with two mentors on board. 6 spots @ $130 [SOLD OUT]Joe SferrazzaOWSMB, Reel
Sun, Jul 25Gypsy BloodAlgol (70-145'), 16 spots @ $110 [SOLD OUT]Rick HormigoAOWRGS, SMB, Reel
Sat, Aug 14HalftimeCoimbra (165-190'), 6 spots @ $180 [SOLD OUT]Elliot BertoniTrimix RGS, SMB, Reel
Sat, Aug 21Gypsy BloodIntro to NE Diving - McGurr Tug (75'), PM dive, with a mentor assigned to each less experienced northeast diver. 16 spots @ $75 [SOLD OUT]Joseph SferrazzaOW**RGS, SMB, Reel
Sun, Aug 22Gypsy BloodTolten (95'), 8 spots @ $110 [SOLD OUT]Renata RojasAOWRGS, SMB, Reel
Sat, Sep 4Gypsy BloodTolten (95'), 16 spots @ $110 [SOLD OUT]Tracy ClohertyAOWRGS, SMB, Reel
Sun, Sep 5Indy IIGulf Trade (90'), 10 spots @ $125 [SOLD OUT]Joe SferrazzaAOW RGS, SMB, Reel, ASD
Sat, Sep 11Halftime (8 AM)Reliable and #6 Inshore Tugs (80'), 6 spots @ $130 [SOLD OUT]Joe SferrazzaOWSMB, Reel
Sat, Sep 25HalftimeOregon (125'), 6 spots @ $170 [SOLD OUT]Suzanne SferrazzaAOW RGS, SMB, Reel
Sun, Sep 26 Ol SaltySS Mohawk (80'), 15 spots @ $120[SOLD OUT]Robert WianeckiAOWDC, RGS, SMB, Reel, ASD
Sun, Oct 17 Ol SaltyArundo (110-140'), 15 spots @ $120 [3 SPOTS LEFT]Joe SferrazzaAOWDC, RGS, SMB, Reel, ASD
Sun, Oct 31Gypsy BloodPinta (55-85'), 16 spots @ $110 [SOLD OUT]Joshua LevkovAOWRGS, SMB, Reel

*RGS = Redundant Gas Supply (i.e. pony tank and reg for single tank divers), SMB = Surface Marker Buoy, ASD = Audible Signaling Device (e.g. whistle), DC = Dive Computer.

** The captain requires AOW for this dive unless an OW diver is under the supervision of a dive pro (Instructor or DM). We will do our best to ensure that any OW divers are assigned to mentors who are dive pros, although this obviously depends on the number of OW divers who sign up and the number of available pros.

Other Club Dives for 2021

Sat, Jun 5Dutch Springs Intro to NE divingElliot Bertoni
Sat, Jun 12Dutch Springs Dive with PrideNicole Zelek
Sat, Jul 17Dutch Springs International Women's DayMeredith Massey
Sat, Sep 18NJ AM Shore Diving - Point Pleasant Railroad Bridge (8 spots) [SOLD OUT]Beth McCrea
Sat, Sep 18NJ PM Shore Diving - Belmar Inlet (8 spots)Beth McCrea
Sat, Sep 18NJ PM Shore Diving - Belmar Back Bay (unlimited spots)Beth McCrea
For boat charters, the minimum certification and equipment requirements listed on this schedule are the requirements of the boat captains. The NYC Sea Gypsies do not vet divers, or determine if any diver is qualified to do any dive. This is up to the diver and the captain, please contact them directly if you have any questions about the suitability of a dive for you. Click here for our club diving rules and policies, and be sure to review these before purchasing any charter spots.

For all dives, the decision to participate in a club dive by any certified diver must be made by the diver alone, considering their training and experience.

The NYC Sea Gypsies do not provide buddies, gear, transportation or training. However, the dive sponsors will do their best to help club members find what they need for a dive by setting up email groups for the rosters to help people coordinate rides, buddies, etc…

To reserve a spot on any of the above dives, you must contact me directly before sending in any payment. I will confirm availability of a spot - you are responsible for ensuring that you have the appropriate level of certification for the dive. Once this has been confirmed, you can pay to secure your place on the dive, as long as your dues are current, and we have a copy of your C-card on file and your
waiver for the current year (see the rules and policies for more details)

Payment can be done by cash, check, or by Zelle or PayPal to Please contact me using
this form or by email to reserve a spot, or if you have any questions.

Michael Rothschild
Dive Chair
NYC Sea Gypsies