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Due to COVID-19 related considerations, this club dive event will not happen in 2020. I have left the page on our website so that you can see what we normally do, and I hope that we will once again be able to run trips like this in 2021.

Michael Rothschild
Dive Chair
NYC Sea Gypsies
This year the NY Sea Gypsies are returning to the spectacular 1,000 Islands from August 16-21 for a week of great diving!

For those new to local diving, the 1,000 Islands are in the St Lawrence River, just North of NY. It is fresh water diving FULL of really cool wrecks, both wooden and steel. See the videos below, and
click here to see the photo album of our 2019 trip.

The weather is slightly cooler than NY/NJ, but not much.
The water temperature will be in the low to mid 70s, warmer than NY/NJ, most divers will use a 5 or 7mm wet suit. There is no thermocline!
The water is fresh, so no need to wash your gear!
Visibility is typically 30’+.
There is a current, but it is easily manageable for most divers.
The river is flat, even the faint of heart will do well on boats.
Average run time from leaving the dock to moored on the wreck is a measly 15min.

The plan:
We are looking at doing
3 dives per day based on the following tentative itinerary:
Monday, 8/17 dive out of Brockville on the
Muscallonge & Robert Gaskin Tuesday, 8/18 dive out of Brockville on the Henry C Daryaw & Lillie Parsons Wednesday, 8/19 dive out of Picton on the Katie Eccles & China Thursday, 8/20 dive on the Keystorm & America
Friday, 8/21 dive on the AE Vickery & Kinghorn
For the last two days which boat we use will depend on the size of our group.
If necessary we will adjust the itinerary to accommodate the various levels of divers. This might mean splitting into two groups some days. This is a very good location for newer divers.
You can get information on the wrecks from
ABUCS Scuba.

For divers looking for longer the recreational bottom times we can get that in on the first dive of the day, but you will only get a recreational length second dive.

It is $830 USD per diver for the current dive itinerary – to reserve your spot this must be paid in full (check made out to the NYC Sea Gypsies or by paypal to Cost will go down to $660 per diver if we get 6 or more divers, and anyone who paid the $830 will get a refund. If we add dives the cost will go up slightly. BBQ lunch on the boat is included.

Useful info:
-The Canadian dollar is currently weak compared to the US dollar, so food and incidentals will end up being about 25% less than expected, a really great thing!
-We will be diving with
ABUCS Scuba, who will provide the boats, fills, and if needed rental gear/tanks.
-BBQ lunch on the boat is included, there are loads of places to eat breakfast and dinner.
-Hotel is not included, I have found the Day’s Inn (160 Stewart Blvd, Brockville) to be a good choice and is currently showing at $100 US/night on Expedia. It is clean, central and affordable.

-It is about a 6hr drive to Brockville, we will carpool. Once there everything is close, and there is basically no traffic! It is about an 8 min drive from the Days Inn to the “Helen C”, which we will be using when we dive out of Brookville.
-Departure is typically at a very reasonable 9AM!
-ABUCS requires an AOW card for some of the wrecks we are visiting. Please reach out before joining the trip if you do not have an AOW card.
-ABUCS is CCR friendly and can fill your O2 bottles.
-Brockville has a bunch of non-diving stuff to do for a significant other.
-You will need a passport to get into Canada (and home).

Go up a few days early (I am planning on this) and get a few more dive days in.
Stay a few days longer.
We can add a night dive.
There is some great shore diving. The Conestoga is intact, 252’ long and in 25’ of water. It is a 35’ swim from shore. It does not get better.

Call Helen at ABUCS, 613-345-2800 or visit them at
BTS to learn more about the diving.
Also feel free to call or text Elliot (917-295-0115) or Robert (631-291-7680).
As with all Sea Gypsies trips, the club does not provide training, guiding or buddies. We do not vet divers, you alone are responsible for determining your fitness for each dive. While these dives are all within recreational depths, there are special challenges associated with diving in a river current. Please discuss the local conditions with the dive operator if you are not sure if this trip is appropriate for you.