New York Underwater Photographic Society
at the NYC Sea Gypsies

November 30th, 2021
7:30 PM

"Favorite Dive Location for Imaging"

We all have our favorite dive location for imaging. The place could be around the corner or around the world. It might be a place you visited once or many times. At the November NYUPS meeting, we want to see your images from this location and hear why you love to create images in this area. 
Please send eight to ten of your images or a video you would like to discuss. Please number them, starting with your favorite photo. Depending on how many images people send in, we might not show all the images. We want to hear how you captured your images; what gear you used; and your thought process as you created each image. We are asking you to PLEASE limit your talk about your photos to a total of eight minutes. Using this method will help our meetings go more smoothly and give everyone an equal opportunity to present their images. When showing your pictures, please remember that your talk should not be a dive report. Limit your discussion to your images' photographic aspects unless the diving details are relevant to creating the photo. A good idea would be to plan, practice, and time your talk. Then, as a group, we will tell you what we all liked about your photos and possibly suggest how they could be captured differently.

All images should be JPG files, 10" at the largest side, and 150 DPI. If you would like to submit videos, please save them at 720p and send them in Dropbox or WeTranfer. 

In your email, on the subject line, please type in caps NYUPS: "Favorite Site" email all of your images to You should get a confirmation email within 24 hours. If not, please email me at

The deadline for images is: Sunday November 28th, 2021

Please note that you do not need to submit images to attend the meeting – feel free just to come and enjoy the photos, share, and learn a little about improving your imaging techniques! We want to stress that our meetings are for photographers of all levels. It doesn't matter what camera you use or how long you've been shooting. NYUPS at the Sea Gypsies wants to share the joys of underwater imaging with everyone interested.

7:30-9 PM Eastern Time (US)
Online Zoom Meeting 
Meeting information to follow
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